Beth Waite-Lafever and Beth Browning,

speech-language pathologists specializing

in AAC, created the concept of the Indiana AAC Summit over dinner one night in 2013.  And the rest is history.

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What makes this event unique?

Presenters are all front-line providers of AAC from across Indiana.  Teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, speech-language pathologists, behavior therapists, occupational therapists and administrators come together to learn from one another in order to improve services for those who use AAC to communicate.

Our History

It all started with a Facebook page and a dream.  In 2015, the first Indiana AAC Summit was held at Bradford Woods in Martinsville, Indiana.  Front-line providers of AAC from all over Indiana  came together to share information and learn from one another.  Answers For Autism  provided a generous grant the first year.  Our partnership with Dr. Erna Alant and the  AAC-In-Action Project at Indiana University helped make this dream a reality. We were thrilled to haveMartin Pistorius,author of Ghostboy and AAC user, travel from England to be our keynote speaker!  Our inaugural Indiana AAC Summit had 80 participants, in 2016 we had 92, and in 2017, we had 160!  Our awesome presenters, wonderful volunteers, and great participants have made this a

successful learning opportunity for all!